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Iroquois Beadwork Volume 1: A Short History is a 16 page booklet on the development of Iroquois beadwork over time. It identifies and illustrates in full color the chronology of Iroquois beadwork from the late 18th to the early 21st centuries.

Iroquois Beadwork Volume 2: An Identification Guide is a 28 page booklet describing the different types of Iroquois beadwork and how to identify them. Eighty different types are described and illustrated.

Iroquois Beadwork Volume 3: An Exhibit, Conference, And More. This 20 page booklet contains the catalog for the 2009 exhibit Sewing the Seeds: 200 Years of Iroquois Glass Beadwork that was at the Rockwell Museum of Western Art in Corning, NY guest and curated by Dolores Elliott. It also contains information and pictures from the First International Iroquois Beadwork Conference that was held in September, 2009, in conjunction with the exhibit.

Iroquois Beadwork Volume 4: Canoes and Horseshoes Canoes and horseshoes are two of the many forms of Iroquois beadwork. Out of the dozens of different types of Iroquois beadwork developed in the last two centuries, these two forms are described together in this publication because they share several characteristics.

Iroquois Beadwork Volume 5: Strawberries, Birds, and Trees Three of the over eighty forms of Iroquois beadwork are featured in this twenty page guidebook. Strawberries, birds, and trees are included together because they share the characteristic of being three-dimensional; they have no defined front and back so they can be viewed from all sides. Over one hundred pieces of beadwork are pictured.

Iroquois Beadwork Volume 6: Matchboxes and Whiskbroom Holders Wall hangers made to hold items of daily use are featured in this twenty page guidebook. Match boxes to hold stick matches used for lighting stoves and lights in pre-electric homes and holders for whisk brooms are among the most creative forms of Iroquois beadwork. Other minor forms of wall hangings such as scissors holders are included. One hundred colorful and often amusing pieces are pictured.

Iroquois Beadwork Volume 7: Needlecases and Cardcases The forms of Iroquois beadwork featured in this twenty-page guidebook are utilitarian pieces that are both functional and portable. Unlike the majority of the forms of Iroquois beadwork which are meant to hang on a wall, needlecases and cardcases are small and can be carried in a pocket or purse. Most needlecases and cardcases are beaded in ornate designs. The majority were made in the 19th century but there has been a recent 21st century revival in the creation of needlecases.

Iroquois Beadwork Volume 8: Portraits in Beads Talented Iroquois beadworkers have been creating beautiful beaded art pieces for over two hundred years. Interest in Iroquois beadwork has varied over the years both in Iroquois communities and among the general public but has never been as high as it is in the early twenty-first century. Much of this increase in popularity is due to the work of five women who are profiled here: Lorna Thomas Hill, MaryLou Printup, Dolly Printup Winden, Ann Green, and Tessie Hubbard.

Iroquois Beadwork Volume 9: Picture Frames Picture frames were among the first types of beadwork created by Iroquois beadworkers. As early as the 1860s Mohawk picture frames were made to display the earliest small cartes de visite photographs available in the 1850s. Volume 9 traces the evolution of picture frames throughout the 19th and 20th centuries up through 2016. Pictures of historic exhibits and beadwork created at the 2016 International Iroquois Beadwork Conference are included in this 20 page guidebook.

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